Holi Festival – Celebrate the Color and Bright Hues of Life

Holi in North India, Dol jatra in West Bengal, Phagwah in Assam is celebrated all across India with various names, but the purpose and the spirit of celebration remain the same. Indian people celebrate this festival to commemorate the departure of the cold season and the beginning of the season of spring which brings with […]

Large Format Printing – What Is It And Why Should You Use It?

Large format printing has been used by companies for many years. This type of print service is used for posters, banners, window displays and so much more. Enabling companies to print larger items that make a statement. The advantage these days is that you can use your own in-house designer and email or drop the […]

How to Use the Random Image Module Within Your Joomla Content Management System

1. The first step in inserting random images into your Joomla website is to upload the relevant graphics ie PNG, GIF AND JPEGS (JPEGS are the default images for the random image module), so to keep it simple upload a JPEG because this image type is automatically filled in for you within the Joomla random […]