How to Use the Random Image Module Within Your Joomla Content Management System

1. The first step in inserting random images into your Joomla website is to upload the relevant graphics ie PNG, GIF AND JPEGS (JPEGS are the default images for the random image module), so to keep it simple upload a JPEG because this image type is automatically filled in for you within the Joomla random image module (MODULE PARAMETERS: image type = jpg)

2. To upload your images click on media or media manager within your Joomla administration panel. Now click on stories. This stories folder can cause a bit of confusion but forget about its name and remember that all your normal images must go within this stories folder (not only your random images). They probably should have named it pictures but thats programmers for you. You will see the file path within the stories folder and it will look something like the following:


You will also notice a space where you can insert something to the right of the above file path. This is where you can insert the folder name that you want for your random images. This name for your folder is not that important here but as your website grows this is important for organizational purposes so as you will know what folder contains which images. So put in a name for your folder and click on create folder.

3.Make sure that you click on your newly created folder and use the Browse button to browse upload anh your computer for the image that you want to upload.When you have located the image just click on start upload. Repeat the above steps to upload more images. (There can be permission problems here if you are on a Linux based platform, so we suggest for learning purposes that you host your website on a windows based platform – no permission problems – all 777)

4.When your finished uploading your JPEGS, click on Extensions and choose Module Manager within your Joomla administration panel. Now click on New and choose random image from the list of modules. This will bring you to the random image module panel itself.

TITLE = Fill in anything you want here.

ENABLED = It must be enabled for you to view it.

POSITION = Choose where you want it on your website eg left or right etc.


MENU ASSIGNMENT = Choose which pages you want the random images on.


IMAGES TYPE = jpg will be filled in by default,so just leave it as it is.

IMAGE FOLDER = images/stories/the name of your folder. This is where problems can arise. You must insert the following yourself every time images/stories/ (This folder path will never change) followed by the name of the folder that you created eg if you created a folder called random, well then, you must insert the following here images/stories/random


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