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Learn How to Delay Ejaculation and Keep Your Woman

If you are one of the many men who cannot control ejaculation then please do not feel alone, stats show that up to 60% of men have this problem at some time in their life. The worst thing about premature ejaculation is the fact that it hurts your partner more than you.

If it all ends too soon your lover will lay there thinking “is that it, is he finished already? I need a man who can satisfy me”

And the fact is that many women who have a lover who fails to last long enough to please them will cheat in order to get the sex that they require. With this in mind here are a couple of tricks to help you stop ejaculating so fast.

1. For severe cases where fast results are needed the a delay cream or delay spray is required, this will give instant results and add 10 minutes to your love making. This is a great way to get an ego boost while you look for a more natural cure for premature ejaculation.

2. Try having sex in different positions as some will make you last longer, I find that I last for ages when my wife is on top but only about 10 seconds if she gets on all fours. Every one is different and the opposite may apply to you, so experiment until you find one that works for you.

Delay spray

3. Premature ejaculation training is the very best way to last longer in bed as it teaches you how to be in control of when you ejaculate. Not only will this make you feel like a man again but could also save your relationship.

So if you do need to delay your ejaculations then I urge you to check out a good training program before your lover decides she has had enough.

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