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Surveys at Academic Institutions – They Love Your Opinions!

If you’ve been chatting with your friends, you may have discovered that many have been moonlighting by taking online surveys. It’s fairly quick, simple and straightforward, once you get registered and set up with a number of survey sites. Most of your friends are probably members of survey sites that administer market research projects on behalf of corporations – retail, entertainment, food & drink, automotive and that kind of stuff.

However, there is another really good way to make some cash that is similar, but just a little bit different. Academic institutions such as colleges and universities often have in-house projects that are open to the public in the business, psychology, political science and communications departments. We have found, first hand, that taking surveys online for academic institutions is a steady source of work that won’t take too much of your time. Instead of focusing on consumer products and services, these online services often revolve around attitudes and perceptions of social, cultural and political issues.

The reason why colleges and universities offer online surveys, focus groups and other marketing projects is to help further the work of students and professors with their research. For example, the data that is gathered when respondents take surveys is analyzed and used to prove theories that are ultimately printed in 代写 term papers, theses, dissertations, and academic journals. Sometimes, outside organizations will partner with the academic institution to administer paid surveys on their behalf – for example, for political candidates, advertising agencies, health care providers and more.

To sign up for paid surveys at academic institutions, there are a few different ways. Talking with your friends about their experiences taking surveys online is one way to get good word-of-mouth referrals. Or, you can also take the initiative to visit an academic institution in person or on their web site to find out when, where and to whom their projects are available. Also, signing up to be a member of an online database of survey sites that have been researched and verified for your protection is another option for getting in the loop.

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