Top 3 Home Working Schemes to Avoid

Whilst there are many good home working ideas available on the internet and many respectable schemes to choose from, there are a few scams to avoid. The most prolific of these fall into these 3 categories. But do not forget, any scheme that offers you a lot of money for very little effort in no time at all is probably either a scam or illegal. Here are three to be avoided.

1) Envelope Stuffing.

Here is a common, scam. You are offered envelope stuffing work, but have to pay a small amount to get started. You might have seen an advert on a search engine, or maybe an advert in the paper or even had a business card shoved onto your car windscreen.

Well, what does your payment get for you? Save yourself parting from your cash and read on. Most of these are probably going to tell you how to place a similar advert to catch other people out. They send you a payment and you send the same instructions to them in an envelope.

2) Home Assembly Jobs

Why would any company want to distribute expensive stock around the country, costing a lot in transport fees and risking losses? Simply because the products they are distributing are worthless, the people doing the job have already paid out to buy the product and no doubt the finished products will all fail quality control and the poor victim will either get nothing back or less than they paid.

So if you are offered home assembly jobs where the company asks you to buy the products first, have a doubt or two before parting with you cash.

3) Typing Jobs

Again, why would a company want to distribute its typing functions to people that it does not know? Probably because the work is simple. The typing is going to an affiliate scheme, maybe their affiliate scheme, then signing up for an AdSense account and typing up the necessary adverts.

All of this is quite simple and if you wanted to do it yourself you could realistically do it all yourself. Just do a few internet searches for suitable affiliate schemes and for basic instructions on how to set up efficient pay per click adverts.

If any work at home scheme that you are looking at is asking for you to part with cash upfront, then I would seriously think again. Search for the company name on the internet and ensure other people seem to have been paid out. And if you do fall for a scheme, do not be afraid of outing the company so others do not suffer the same fate.

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