Why Do Men Play Games?

Men’s behavior at best is confusing, irritating, and just plain frustrating, because they always seem to be playing games. But why do men play games? What makes them think that playing games gets them anywhere? Here are 7 reasons why a man would choose to play mind games with someone he loves:

He’s Bored And Wants A Challenge
Men LOVE challenges. They love the feeling of figuring out and solving a problem; and they get a buzz from the process of figuring things out. Sometimes they try to figure you out by playing games, and in the meanwhile it’s the perfect way to keep himself interested and challenged all in one.

He’s Emotionally Unstable
Insecure men play games the most, because they need to feel in control. Sometimes you may be hitting him hard where it hurts most without realizing it, so he retaliates by playing games, so that you don’t come to know he’s actually hurt or insecure about something.

He Wants To Be In Control
If he feels like he is losing control over you, or the situation; he might start playing games to regain control. When he plays games, he can make up the rules, and he can also break them if he wants. He can also get you to do what he wants, if he is an effective game player.

He’s Retaliating Against Something You Did
You did something against his best wishes, or you said something really mean to him. Either way, he’s not forgetting it, and he’s going to make sure that you don’t make the same mistake twice, by retaliating.

He Wants You To Change
Sometimes men present women with challenges, which appear to be a mind game of some sorts; but it’s really a challenge in disguise. He likely is testing you to see if you will change, and a game is a good way to get a clear cut answer.

He’s Stalling You
If men are feeling pressured into 먹튀검증 something they don’t want to do, all they have to do is confuse you or make you argue with them, and they have a valid defense against whatever it is you are asking for. This is especially true when you start pressuring a man to commit and he’s not ready.

He’s Not Ready To Be Open
You’re digging into something that he’s not ready to be open about. But you won’t drop it or let it go; so he creates a game to divert you from probing into his life. This is a defense mechanism for guys.

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